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I count myself lucky in so many ways, I totally love my job! Now my children are growing up (it happens so quickly!!) it's wonderful to be able to take all I've learned as a successful commercial photographer, and mother; put them together to offer fun, high quality, family photo shoots for others.

I started with location work, but now I've opened my studio in Ilminster I'm also able to offer stunning fine art portrait shoots: photographs that will be admired for generation upon generation!

I get so excited every time a new set of prints comes back from my printer ... it's such a pleasure watching my clients faces when I show them their orders!

I studied photography in London over 15 years ago while working at The Guardian newspaper Picture Desk, buying in artwork and commissioning photographers from all over the world. Back then was it the tail end of the age of film and darkroom photography. I learned the old fashioned way, developing black and white film and watching images appear magically under a red safety light. I was hooked.

After moving to Somerset and spending three years cutting my photo journalistic skills at The Western Gazette, I was ready to move onwards and upwards into the world of Freelance Photography. I haven’t looked back. My commercial clients include Lloyds Bank, The Queen Elizabeth Trust, Bannatyne’s Spa’s and The Sunday Express and private and independent schools throughout the south west.Want to know more about me? Well, when I’m not out with my cameras, or processing images I make sure I have plenty of time with my wonderful, crazy twin boys. I’m also a guitarist and singer and love to write and record music, although I think I’ve missed my window on making it big time!

Whatever you're photographic needs, be they quirky, alternative, commercial or private, please get in touch ....

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