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There are a few things in my life that I honestly feel pretty darn good about:  bringing up two wonderful twin boys, playing guitar in a grunge band (yes, I am actually proud of that!) and setting up my photography business. Three things that I appreciate preetty much every day and I can't imagine life without. 

When I was eleven I took a school questionnaire with the purpose of finding out what career I would be suited to. My results came back with two answers -  Game Keeper and Photographer. It turned out that game keeping wasn't meant to be.

Photography stuck, it has pretty much been the focus of my life. I took some time out to play in a band and write music, something that I still really enjoy, I trained in London and worked with photographers and their agencies, and at the picture desks of national newspapers and magazines.

Taking the leap into self employment in 2005 was a little daunting, but I didn't look back and opening my portrait studio in Ilminster has been a highlight of the last few years. Working as a photographer has introduced me to some extraordinary people, taken me traveling around the country and exposed me to all sorts of new ideas; seeing my work published throughout national press and media and hanging on the walls of my client's homes.

I’m always on the look out to develop what I do and how I work, the technical world of digital photography moves quickly,  with a constant stream of new and exciting techniques.

To keep me in check I also run a Pinhole Photography club, the old fashioned way in a dark room under red safety light, and teach all ages how to get started and develop their skills in looking for light and camera craft.

I'm happy to hear from you and talk through your ideas, be they quirky, alternative, commercial or private, please get in touch ....

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