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So ... Congratulations on your engagement!

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your lives together.  It is important to capture all those blissful moments to look back on.

A wedding can take a some planning, time, patience, and often creativity on your part. Hire people you can trust and get on with to help you out.

As a photographer my job to produce for you a beautiful set of images -  experience tells me that this works best when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself! As well organinsing a a few group family shots, if you need them, I work unintrusively capturing natural photographs of you and your guests at your happiest. It's as well to put aside a little time to spend away from the general hubub during which I will photograph the two of you, together, and enjoying each others company, these are the special photographs which in years to come will connect you to the magical feelings you have for each other.  

I will be on hand to photograph all the details, the emotions, the beauty and the fun and all the special moments inbetween that you will want to remember, forever.

Soul Mates
Soul Mates

Up to five hours coverage. Approximately 250-300 lightly edited high resolution images in a gallery for you to download. An ideal package to cover arrivals, ceremony, special portraiture up to the wedding breakfast.


Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits

Up to 7 hours coverage. Approximately 350-400 lightly edited high resolution images in a gallery for you to download. The perfect package to cover preparations, arrivals, ceremony and special portraiture up to the wedding breakfast.


True Love
True Love

Up to 10 hours coverage. Approximately 500 lightly edited high resolution images in a gallery for you to download. The complete package to cover preparations, arrivals, ceremony and special portraiture, wedding breakfast, speeches and up to the first dance around 8pm. For extended evening coverage, or if you require a second shooter, please add £125 per hour.


How did you become a wedding photographer?

I'd be lying if I said it was  easy! I have been photographing families throughout different milestones in their lives for over fifteen years - and every year I learn new tricks and skills.  I studied City and Guilds Photography while working as a picture researcher for The Guardian. After a three year stint as a photographer for local newspapers, I started my own business which then led to me setting up my beautiful studio in the heart of the West Country. Families trust me to capture the most special of events. Building relationships with families over the years and knowing that I have heped them document the biggest moments of their lives truley is an absolute privilage. My business as a family and wedding photographer is built on trust and high values ... trusting a photographer to capture your wedding is so important. 

How much do you charge for wedding photography?

Weekend wedding photography prices start at £675 for five hours coverage

Do you offer any cheap wedding photography packages?

As a full time photographer, I work throughout the week and I'm always delighted to attend smaller weekday weddings and elopements. Cheaper weekday prices for smaller weddings and elopements start from £300 per for 2 hours with additional hours charged at £125 allow you to build a package with the coverage that you need.

The packages you offer dont quite suit what we want, can you be flexible?

Yes. If you need extra coverage to any of my main packages above, let me know. An additional one hour's photography is £125 (£150 per hour after 5pm and at weekends). 

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Another great question! When you hire a wedding photographer you are not just hiring them for a few hours on the day. Wedding photographers not only invest a lot of money in top quality equipment, but we also invest a lot of time  into training and into planning and producing your final, wonderful images. With my wedding service you can expect two meetings; location scouting to check the best light and help plan the flow of photography; tireless coverage throughout your event; backing up of images immeadiatley afterwards and then, depending on your event between 2-6 days editing and processing to deliver the best possible set of images. It's why I try not to book more than two weddings a month! 

How much do you charge for wedding photography in Somerset?

Weekend wedding photography prices start at £675 for five hours coverage

Do you have backup cameras and equipment?

Yes, absolutely! I even have back-ups for my back-ups! I have back up cards in my camera - so I’m recording simultaneously onto two cards. I also have back up cameras, back up flashes and a good selection of lenses in my bag to keep it all covered.

Do we have to feed you?

No, not at all, I am usually way too busy! This said, for weddings over four hours I will need a short comfort break, time to grab a drink and snack and time to swap out and change equipment ... however, I will never, ever turn down a cup of tea from your catering staff! :-)

What would happen if you are unwell on our wedding day?

We are all human, so it’s a good question to ask. If I’m unwell enough to photograph your wedding, or in the event of an ‘emergency’ I have good relationships with other great photographers that I can contact on you behalf and all money would be immediately refunded. That said, I take my work very seriously and I’ve never missed a wedding to date.

Do you have any travel costs?

Travel within 50 miles of Ilminster is included,  additional milage/travel fees and accommodation may be added for weddings further afield.

Are the wedding photos edited or retouched?

Yes. Editing is when I remove any shots that dont make the grade and the joys of digital wedding photography allows me to refine your final selection supplying you with a cracking set of images that show you and your guests at your very best.

I shoot in RAW format, giving me the best quality images to work with. After editing, Raw files are processed to colour correct, tweak contrast and lightly retouch where necessary, to generally give the whole set of wedding images the beautiful finish that you deserve.

Can you send us ‘sneak peek’ pictures shortly after our wedding?

Yes, absolutely! I love to post a few edited photos shortly after your wedding for you to share and to keep you going.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and equipment insurance.

Do you post our photos on social media / your website?

Unless we have agreed otherwise, I might post some of your photos on social media or on my website. It’s an important part of my business that I am able to show my style to other prospective clients, but I also understand some people require privacy and I'm happy to respect this too.

How do you feel about people taking their own photographs?

The more the merrier, with the best will in the world,  I can’t be everywhere at once! The only thing I would ask is that guests give me space to work and to get you the shots that you need, the last thing anyone wants is to be tripped over by a fully focused photographer!


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