Pinhole Photography

Or, if your interested in ditching the digital for a day ... Join me for a Pinhole Photography workshop. Together we load cameras, take photographs and watch the real time magic of silver halides changing state in front of us.

What is the true nature of a still image? Are you tired of living at 60 frames per second? How does the light in front of you effect your photographs and why?

Pinhole photography is Time to look. Time to think. Time to wonder.

This is a gentle and artistic experience,  not a technical one and I will not bamboozle you (or me!) with complex maths or chemistry for this workshop.

There is nothing like seeing your first pinhole photograph emerge from the swishing of chemicals under a red light.

One shot is all it takes.

Pinhole Photography Workshop Sessions are £55 per person for two hours (can run a little over)

Minimum 2 and maximum 4 people from the same family group per booking, in accordance with Covid-19 requirements. Bookings open to adults and children over 10 years old (must include one adult per booking).


Sessions start with an introduction to the art at my studio in the beautiful town of Ilminster. Then we load up the cameras to take outside and start shooting. After the shoot we return to studio where, under a red safety light, cameras are opened and images emerge from trays of developer before being fixed, washed and dried. Pinhole cameras and safety equipment are included.
Take your prints home to display. For a small additional cost there is the option of making your prints into fridge magnets ... or framing your masterpiece in a beautiful antique frame to give your pinhole art print the treatment it truly deserves!

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